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    October 29th, 2010adminarticles

    Yellow teeth are a common sight for old people, but then again, they are also major turn offs for teenagers and adults. Smiling with yellow teeth is a horrendous sight to behold. Apart from their distractive look, they can also be a sign of deteriorating health.

    There are some substantial factors that contribute to the yellowing of teeth; these include:

    1. Age

    Age has a lot to do with the yellowing of teeth, because our teeth’s enamel wears down as we age. When the enamel wears out, the dentin (or the inner, yellowish part of the teeth) becomes visible. However, bear in mind that people who constantly brush their teeth until they grow to a ripe age barely get any hints of yellowish teeth, as their enamel is preserved and strengthened thanks to constant brushing and flossing.

    2. Food and Drinks

    Even after intensive gargling, food debris is still fastened to the teeth. And it can lead to bigger problems if the food you’ve been eating is rich is sucrose and acid. Sweet foods like chocolate, ice cream, and candy are rich in sugar; acidic food such as meat, citric fruits, and beans are the second half of teeth-yellowing food. The same goes for coffee, carbonated drinks, shakes, and other colored beverages. Leaving your teeth unbrushed or unflossed overnight hastens the plaque build-up process, which can lead to cavities and tartar.

    It is imperative that you brush your teeth thoroughly for 3 minutes, 15 minutes after every each meal. Brushing your teeth immediately, especially after eating/drinking acidic food/beverages, will abrase the enamel of your teeth.

    3. Vices

    Smoking tobacco and guzzling down alcohol at the same time is ten times as hazardous to your health as it is to your teeth. Notice that smokers, only after a few years living off their lifestyle, start to exhibit darkening gums and yellowish teeth. Apart from the risks of lung cancer, tobacco smoking can also lead to oral cancer. Chewing tobacco has recently been linked to the dreaded disease, as a lot of baseball players (who, by the way, are frequent tobacco-chewers), are complaining about early and manifest symptoms of the cancer.

    4. Root canals

    If you recently had a root canal, where the pulp and nerves inside the tooth are removed, the tooth/teeth that underwent the procedure will eventually turn yellow in the course of a few months (or even just weeks). The root canal therapy basically kills the tooth, but holds it in place. During its subsequent death, the tooth will inevitably turn yellow and become brittle, thereby invoking the need to have a metal jacket placed on it.

    5. Genetics

    If you live in a family where yellow teeth are a common sight, chances are you’re going to have yellow teeth too. But that doesn’t mean that your teeth aren’t healthy. Genetically-acquired yellow teeth indicate that the enamel layer is thin and translucent, thereby failing to conceal the dentin (which is yellow, by the way). This can be resolved by going to your dentist and asking about at-home or professional tooth whitening treatments to fully whiten your teeth.

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