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    December 8th, 2010adminarticles

    Living in the metropolis and practicing dentistry at the center of it all, New York City, New York, is one of the most conducive career destinations any dentist around the world would dream about.  It’s where both the artistic talents of dentists and their experience in handling the most demanding patients take center stage. Having been a dentist in the bustling city is a life accomplishment – you get to serve the most affluent families, be exposed to the latest trends and innovations in dental technology, and optionally be a member of the New York State Dental Association, which represents more than 13,000 dentists in the State of New York.

    Other popular dental meetings and congregations held annually or that have been hosted by the state include:

    1. The Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting for Better Dentistry (GNYDM)

    2. Nobel Biocare Global Symposium

    3. The American Society for Dental Aesthetics Annual Meeting

    International seminars are frequently hosted in fancy New York City hotels and convention centers, apparently making it a cornerstone of international dentistry meetings. Some well-known establishments that have hosted dental seminars include:

    1. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

    2. Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York

    3. Radisson Martinique

    Apparently, New York City dentistry practitioners make a sound living from their services either by setting up a clinic of their own (which is quite costly if you’re a new practitioner) or by joining dental associates. One of the richest streets in the world, Fifth Avenue and Upper East Side, are also home to the most prestigious dental clinics. The dentist population in Manhattan is also very lively. And to show just how publicity-wise New York City dentists are, try looking at their dental websites and see how flamboyant the design is, not to mention them grasping every opportunity to be featured on magazines and broadsheets.

    And dentists are not that efficient without their trusted dental assistants, right? The dental assisting profession is one of the better and well-paying career choices in New York. Dental assistants get to handle to advanced dental equipment and facilitate the most respected patients. The New York Dental Assistants Association (NYDAA) also hosts in annual session within the state and advises non-members to become involved in the cause. They offer guidelines, seminars, and more importantly, a network of dental assistants who share the same passion as each member to promote the highest technical and ethical degrees of dental assisting.

    But beyond the money-oriented silhouette of the city, there are still some generous dentists and organizations who allot their free time to serve the city’s impoverished and blue collar citizens. Community clinics and dental missions in public schools have spurred the interest of neighboring and outlying dentists in the metro to consolidate their efforts and free time to making city smiles better – all out of goodwill.

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